Magicare New Zealand - Skin Care and Beauty products


The series of cosmetic products "Magiray" has been developed and manufactured since 1995 on the basis of "Israderm" - a cosmetic laboratory specializing in professional cosmetics since 1983. Moreover, at present "Magiray" company collaborates in developing its products with some leading professional laboratories, situated in Israel, Germany, Switzerland, France and the United States.

Successful and steady advancement of "Magiray" company is ensured by the observance of the principle "S + T" (science + traditions). This means, that the science must always take into account traditions and traditions must be scientifically grounded.

Active ingredients (more than 80), that are used in "Magiray" products, are: extracts and oils of vegetable and marine origin, the Dead Sea products, apiculture products, fruit acids, vitamins. Great attention is paid to minimization of using components that are "unfriendly" for the skin, such as synthetic preservatives, fragrances, surfactants.

MagirayThe classic mass consumer "Magiray" series is developed for individual use at home as a continuation of care, received in professional beauty salons. The range of products reflects the whole of modern world achievements of cosmetic industry for developing effective, most natural cosmetics.

Separately put forward is the universal innovative series HIS/HERS (for Him and Her). The series represents all the living essentials and meets the needs of the whole family with up-to-date life style. The HIS/HES series has become a bestseller of "Magiray" company in quite a short time.

Thanks to their high quality and efficiency "Magiray" products are sold in Israel exclusively through the network of pharmacies all over the country.

The professional line of products is distinguished by well thought out and rational approach to the assortment that always leaves a place for cosmetologist individuality. Our slogan is the following: creative work in practice is the privilege of "Magiray"s professionals.

Terseness as to the quantity of products, their compatibility and possibility to combine them in order to get the highest possible effect in solving the skin cosmetic problems is the pledge of success of our professional line.

Leading SPA-salons in 5* hotels of the Dead Sea and Eilat use the products of our professional line. Cosmetologists of Israel, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Canada, USA, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Paraguay, Holland, Australia and even Fiji are also our clients.

"Magiray" products have successfully passed the test for hypoallergenicity in the dermatological department of Ichilov hospital in Tel-Aviv.

"Magiray" products meet all the GMP requirements. Our company possesses the complete set of licenses, granted by the pharmaceutical department of the Israeli Ministry of Health and the states of import-export.

The products are certified by the Institute of Quality Control and Standardization - ISO-2000 and correspond to the standards of the European Community and the USA for such kind of products.

Your Skin’s Worst Enemies

1. Alcohol
Alcohol’s dehydrating effects on the skin are well documented - it appears dry, with more lines and wrinkles. Alcohol also causes vasodilation, in which blood vessels become dilated, resulting in increased redness and irritation.

2. Caffeine
Even one strong cup can have a dramatic effect on your hydration status, so if you love your coffee, don’t forget to have a water chaser. Be careful with these new energy drinks, many of which have two to three times as much caffeine as coffee. Dehydration causes the skin to look dry, wrinkly and dull.

3. Saturated fat and trans fatty acids
Saturated fats, found in fatty meats, full-cream dairy products and coconut, and trans fatty acids, predominantly in hydrogenated oils, increase the production of free radicals, which accelerate the ageing process.Found in many takeaway foods, these fats may also play a role in initiating inflammation, puffiness and pimples.

4. Cigarettes
Nicotine increases blood-vessel constriction, creating a dull skin tone and is believed to reduce our vitamin C supply.